Ceeport® | Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D.


“I placed a Ceeport Seal on the back of a photograph of my children,” a mother shared, “with wonderful results with my older daughter.   We have become close now.”


“Buzzing sounds and headaches have vanished since I placed a Ceeport Seal on my cell phone.”


“Last week stuff with staff at work was getting pretty intense so I attached a Ceeport Card to a list of employees.  I went to work with a feeling of dread and left work as light as a feather.”


“I’m in public relations.  I was having problems with the camera at work, and thought that I would have to replace it.  I put a Ceeport Seal on it.  I used it recently to take photos of an event.  The camera worked fine, the pictures came out beautifully, beyond my wildest dreams.”


“I thought that I was going to be laid off at work.  A radical downsizing was taking place.  I prayed, cleaned and put a Ceeport Seal on My PC.  Instead of being asked to leave, I was told that I would be promoted after the dust settled.”


“I was in the process of applying for new medical insurance for eight of us when I received the tool (Ceeport).  It had taken six weeks to get the first round of paperwork back.  I applied a Ceeport Seal on the next insurance company’s application form and requested information from four to five medical offices.  This time all documents were sent to me within three days and everyone I talked to seemed eager to assist me.”

“Oh, and yes, my father’s blood pressure is doing well.”


“There are so many ways to use Ceeport Seals.  I put one on my itinerary to France, a vacation trip with my husband, and we had a wonderful time.  I put one on my schedule of weddings to create flower arrangements for.  The last wedding I did my client said, ‘The flowers were so beautiful.’   The ballroom for the reception looked like a movie set.  The flowers were so spectacular!  My three and a half year old son kept asking for a Seal.  I stuck one on his face.  Smart Kid!”