Ceeport® | Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D.

How to use your Ceeport products

Ceeport® Seals can be placed on electrical equipment such as computers, telephones, cell phones, your car, etc.  They can be attached to light switches and other household items. They work as vortexes, draining memories from your subconscious.

Ceeport® Bookmarks clean memory ties with written materials. They can be used to swipe items. The Ceeport® Cards can be placed in wallets and purses.  They can be used to swipe things physically and mentally. For example, the card can be used to swipe documents coming in and going out like letters and faxes.

The uses of Ceeport® products are unlimited, only left to the imagination of the user. I have clients that use it in advance of traveling and of attending meetings.  They can be used to mentally swipe foods and drinks before consuming them.

Ceeport® Products allow the Divine in you to erase toxic memories in your subconscious Mind that you experience as physical, emotional, spiritual and financial problems.

Ceeport® Seals are attached to computers and cell phones, home and office furniture, building structures and documents. Ceeport® Pins are attached to clothing.  Ceeport® Cards and Ceeport® Bookmarks are placed on items or are used to swipe them. Ceeport® Pendants can be worn around the neck, or attached to a variety of items, as needed.

There is no wrong way to use Ceeport® products. They represent Peace through eternity.


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